Storage Options - What s Cantilever Racking

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- Uprights are the vertical beam which assist the arms.
- The uprights join instantly into the base. These are also often bolted, and supply stability and assist for the uprights to bear the load.
- The arms of the cantilever racks are horizontal beams that support the load when saved. Relying on the load, you may set these arms to totally different angles to accommodate them.
- Braces hook up with and assist the uprights. In cantilever racking, they provide power and rigidity to the system.

Cantilever Bolted Rack is made with structural hot rolled steel channel and huge flange parts, designed to handle quite a lot of merchandise by offering unrestricted entrance entry to irregular shaped products. Products rest on flat or tapered arms for easy loading. The columns act as backstops and flue space for sprinklers and water penetration. Raise truck forks have straightforward entry for non palletized loads. Base legs present stability and keep the merchandise off the flooring.

- Designed to retailer a wide range of merchandise and tools
- A high-capacity, multi-degree construction made from heavy gauge roll-formed steel
- No interference from upright columns
- Straightforward placement and elimination
- Gives access to 1 section of a product or an entire load at any time
- Consists of five basic elements: columns, bases, braces, arms, and pins